Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry For My Wife

Useful Insights When Searching For An Estate Jewelry Repair Company

If you have estate jewelry, it probably has a lot of value to you. It may have belonged to one of your family members who is now deceased. If you have a piece that has seen better days, you may need to take it in to an estate jewelry repair company. Finding one today is easy thanks to these insights.  Gather Some Repair Estimates A huge factor you'll probably be worried about is how much these repair services will be for your piece. Read More 

4 Tips On Picking An Ideal Wedding Ring For An Active Spouse

If you are engaged and in the middle of planning the wedding, you may be thinking about everything that must be done before the wedding day, such as buying a wedding ring. When you know that your spouse is rather active, you may be determined to accommodate their lifestyle. This makes it important to exercise patience with choosing a wedding ring because you should feel confident about picking one that your spouse will love and appreciate. Read More 

3 Weird Ways To Clean Your Jewelry

Not everyone has time to make the trip to their local jeweler just to clean their prized jewelry. Buying expensive jewelry cleaning kits may also be out of the question. So how can you keep your jewelry clean and sparkling? As it turns out, the answer might be in your own kitchen. There are plenty of household products you can use to clean your jewelry in a pinch. White Vinegar Read More 

Getting The Look: 3 Unusual Jewelry Items That Draw Attention

Having an unusual jewelry collection can help you catch attention from other people; each piece is a conversation starter, so you can talk to new people about something other than the weather. Here are three unusual styles you can try that are sure to be the next topic that come up at events, meetings with family and friends, or in other circumstances.  Leather and Bullet Jewelry Leather and bullet jewelry are some of the newest pieces on the market today. Read More 

Taking Care Of Your Vintage Baubles

Style icon Coco Chanel can be credited with making affordable, fun costume jewelry popular, but it's really been around since ancient Egyptian times. The wide availability and the low cost of unique pieces can mean the beginnings of an obsession for some, and even the rich and famous love their fun fake rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. If you've picked up a fabulous piece that could use some "TLC," or if you're in need of some jewelry care and maintenance for old pieces, read on to learn about caring for your vintage costume pieces. Read More